IoSafe - SynLocker Ransomware Alert

An alert has gone out from IoSafe warning against a possible situation that could harm your IoSafe installations. Check to see if you have a unit that might be affected. An upgrade to their DSM software. See information below:

We would like to inform you that a ransomware called "SynoLocker" is currently affecting some ioSafe/Synology NAS users. This ransomware locks down affected servers, encrypts users’ files, and demands a fee to regain access to the encrypted files.

We have confirmed that the ransomware only affects ioSafe/Synology NAS servers running older versions of DiskStation Manager by exploiting a security vulnerability that was fixed and patched in December, 2013.

Affected users may encounter the following symptoms:

  • When attempting to log in to DSM, a screen appears informing users that data has been encrypted and a fee is required to unlock data.
  • Abnormally high CPU usage or a running process called “synosync” (which can be checked at Main Menu > Resource Monitor).
  • DSM 4.3-3810 or earlier; DSM 4.2-3236 or earlier; DSM 4.1-2851 or earlier; DSM 4.0-2257 or earlier is installed, but the system says no updates are available at Control Panel > DSM Update.

If you have encountered the above symptoms, please shutdown the system immediately and contact our technical support here:

If you have not encountered the above symptoms, we strongly recommend downloading and installing DSM 5.0, or any version below:

  • DSM 4.3-3827 or later
  • DSM 4.2-3243 or later
  • DSM 4.0-2259 or later
  • DSM 3.x or earlier is not affected

You can manually download the latest version from our Download Center and install it at Control Panel > DSM Update > Manual DSM Update.

If you notice any strange behavior or suspect your ioSafe/Synology NAS server has been affected by the above issue, please contact us at We sincerely apologize for any problems or inconvenience this issue has caused our users. We’ll keep you updated with the latest information as we continue to address this issue.


Should you worry about the report of 1.2billion passwords stolen by Russian Hackers?

Russian hackers have reportedly stolen 1.2 billion user names and passwords in a series of Internet heists affecting 420,000 websites.

Should you be worried? I think that you should quickly change your passwords for all of your important accounts, especially financial, as quickly as possible. You should be using strong passwords and if you can move to a two step authentication system. Make it a habit to periodically change your passwords and use different passwords for each of your sites. Be sure to monitor your transaction history for credit cards and bank accounts to be sure only authorized transactions have been made. If you do see a transaction that you are unsure of contact your financial service to stop the process or to research it. Don’t take chances.

Many of us here at PAconnect use LastPass to help keep track and create passwords for our accounts. This program can be used on your computer, phone or tablets to provide secure and easy to use password support. It is available for Windows, MAC, LINUX and most mobile devices. Supports Internet Explorer 8+, Firefox 2.0+, Chrome 18+, Safari 5+, Opera 11+. The Universal Windows installer installs browser extensions for Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, and Opera. It also allows you to easily create a LastPass account and import your existing passwords. It's the best way to install LastPass on Windows. The 64 bit installer includes 32 bit IE installer.


VERSION 3.1.40


Neat new throw back device…

imagePilot Pen has introduced a new fountain pen design the is reasonably priced and pretty cool looking. The Pilot Varsity is an interesting throw back to an earlier time when writing was a skill set and frankly, a lost art. They are available an multiple colors to make any office products geek happy!

Amazon sells them in a 7-Pack in assorted color inks for $14.34.

You can also buy a box of black ink pens for just $23.95 and if you feel that you don’t need that many you can purchase a 3-pack for $8.45.


Is Radio Shack on its deathbed?

imageA mainstay in my early geek life, Radio Shack was always a constant source of electrical parts for many of my electronics experiments. Boing Boing’s  David Pescovitz posted that Radio Shack is on its deathbed: $62 million in cash left which apparently isn’t even enough to close the 1,100 stores it needs to shut down to stay on life support.

The problem is that Radio Shack stores have been out of date for modern times. Unless you need electronic parts, all the rest of the products that were inventories appeared to be out of date and just not “with it”.

It’s a pity to say goodbye to an old friend but the times are rolling on.


DriveSavers News






The use of systems that utilize both SSD and HDD technology together are growing in use. On the PC side, we have Smart Response Technology (SRT). When this type of technology fails, it is generally one or the other of the two incorporated drives that has failed, rather than both. Usually, it is the HDD. Perhaps for this reason we often receive just one of the drives from a Fusion or SRT rather than both the HDD and the SSD.

PC: Smart Response Technology (SRT)
In the case of an Intel SRT drive, the device can be configured with "Maximized" write-back or "Enhanced" "write-through" configurations. In the case of "Maximized" configuration, we need both the SSD and the HDD to perform the recovery. In the case of the "Enhanced" mode, we need only the HDD. This can be confusing to the end user as to how it was configured. That being said, to err on the side of caution, always send in both the HDD and the SDD components.


Interesting Blog Post at Sophos

Author: John Zorabedian
Subject: Spam-Bot Invaders: Which countries send the most spam? (Infographic)


Recently we measured spam volume from around the world to find out which countries are the worst spam offenders. As we expected, the United States sends out way more spam than any other country — 24.2% of all spam was from the U.S.

When you consider the country’s huge online population, it’s not surprising that the U.S. sends so much spam. Spam comes from “bots” — computers infected with malware and under the control of a criminal. “Bot masters” can use servers anywhere in the world to give the bots instructions. So spam-bots in the countries on our list aren’t the authors of the spam, they are more like the messengers.

While it’s interesting to call out the 12 “dirty dozen” countries that send the most spam by volume, we also like to look at the amount of spam by population. It’s a diverse list of nations, and even small countries have a big spam problem.

The Dirty Dozen Spampionship

We’ve been measuring spam in our quarterly “Spampionship” going back a few years, and the U.S. consistently tops our charts. As you can see in the graphic below, bots in the U.S. send by far the most spam of any country, with second-place France (responsible for 6.7% of spam) well behind.

Other countries in our top 12 include China (third at 6.2% of spam) and Russia (fifth at 5.1% of spam), both consistently at the top of our charts quarter after quarter.

Spam per person – a fairer measure

We also look at spam “per person.” We do this because we think it’s a fairer measure of how spammy a country is. By setting the U.S. as the baseline, we can see how likely it is that a computer in a given country is a spam-sending bot compared to the U.S.

This past quarter, Bulgaria was the top country for spam per person, coming in at 2.1 times the U.S. Belarus, which had been the tops of the spam per-person chart for the past year, dropped to second place, at 1.9 times the U.S. spam level.


Fight back against spam and cybercrime – kill a spambot

A country’s size has nothing to do with how much spam is coming from within its borders — spam servers can be anywhere in the world.

Remember, if your computer is infected with spam-sending bot malware, you are part of the problem. Do your part to fight back against spam — download our free Virus Removal Tool to scan your computer and automatically clean up malware.

You can learn more about our “Spampionship” series by visiting our award-winning Naked Security blog.

Sophos Email Security

If you’re a business looking to keep your email secure, Sophos blocks spam and email-borne threats. Learn more about email security from Sophos.


Great article today on surge protectors by Geoffrey Morrison - CNET

image9 things you should know about surge protectors

by Geoffrey Morrison

Don’t forget to protect your electrical equipment. Depending on the device you may want to consider a UPS (Uninterruptable Power Supply) in some cases. UPS’s normally provide both surge and short term power which is good for situations like brown outs. Some of these devices will even power you equipment off automatically if the power is out for a period of time.


Microsoft unleashes 'Settlers of Catan' on the web

I thought this was interesting…


Microsoft has something of an extracurricular activity: When it's not releasing Office for iPad or updating Windows, it has a habit of helping other companies build websites. Its latest project is a web version ofSettlers of Catan, the popular board game, which it co-developed with Bontom Games. As with previous Microsoft-backed sites, the appeal is that anyone, even Microsoft haters, can use it: The web version will run in any browser that supports HTML5 (in other words, not just IE). That's obviously a different approach from the existing Settlers of Catan apps for Android and iOS, which are of course reserved for people using those platforms.

The game's in beta for now, and Microsoft says more features and improvements are on the way. For now, the game can't set you up with computer opponents, nor will it pair with you some random online player. Instead, you'll have to find at least two other friends, who you can invite through either email or Facebook. (Obviously, since the game runs in any modern browser, it doesn't matter what device your friends are carrying.) Once you get a game going, you take turns asynchronously, with time limits to keep the game going. You can also opt into email notifications, so you'll know when someone's taken a turn. Throughout, you can talk to your opponents using built-in voice chat -- powered by Skype, of course.

Microsoft introduced other features too, including auto-trade and auto-roll -- again, to help keep things moving. Lastly the dice you'd normally use with the physical board game has been replaced with an on-screen button. Ultimately, the company says it plans to announce a complete rule set at GamesCon in August, including development cards, points and achievements, bringing the web game fully in line with the board game version. In the meantime, you can play the beta game here. Enjoy -- and do be patient if you encounter any performance hiccups. It's clear the site isn't fully polished yet.


We have updated our website…

SNAGHTML26e8422cIf you haven’t been to our website this week you will be in for a treat the next time you visit. Paul has totally revamped the site to include more information about the products and solutions that we offer and we will be adding even more depth over the next couple of weeks.

We have also been doing a major renovation on our showroom and our support people. We are trying to use our facilities more effectively for ourselves as well as bringing to life some of the products that we want to highlight each month. Look for our upcoming open house that we will announce shortly to invite you all in to see the changes for yourselves.


Lenovo ThinkPad 10 Ultrabook and Keyboard Video Demos

Lenovo Posted their Ultrabook Keyboard Video (below) and I though it would be a good idea to also include the video describing the ThinkPad 10 Ultrabook as well.

First Look: ThinkPad 10 Tablet

First Look: ThinkPad 10 Keyboard


Even Small Businesses are a Big Target

Security is getting tougher to control everyday and that is why we have included Sophos as one of primary vendors to use to secure our customer’s networks. Whether you need to deploy a strong firewall appliance, antimalware endpoint software or data encryption, these are just a few of the things that Sophos and PAconnect bring to the table for you.

Here are some interesting articles that have recently shown up in Sophos’s Blog:

Who’s looking out for your growing business? - Every business, regardless of size, is vulnerable to information theft and security breaches. Small and mid-sized businesses often lack the security resources of larger companies, becoming easy targets.

More about Sophos Cloud

How it Works


Demo Video




UTM Up2Date 9.203 Released

imagePress Release:

We are pleased to announce that a new Up2Date package is available for Sophos UTM.

This update introduces several bug fixes and also includes the fix for the OpenSSL SSL/TLS vulnerability (CVE-2014-0224)

Please read on to see the full details of this release.

Sophos UTM 9.203


  • Security Update


  • System will be rebooted
  • Configuration will be upgraded
  • Connected Wifi APs will perform firmware upgrade
  • Connected RED devices will perform firmware upgrade
  • Windows SSL VPN Client should be updated


  • 31027 FTP proxy active mode did not work and failed with the antivirus turned on
  • 31460 Exception is detected but will be ignored on outgoing emails (when scan outgoing messages is active)
  • 31571 Executive reports failed with error message “Bad file descriptor”
  • 31594 Display of a SG Series shows ‘HA Slave Status Error’
  • 31716 Permanent restarts causing high cpu load
  • 31938 OpenSSL SSL/TLS MITM vulnerability (CVE-2014-0224)


While you do not need to manually download Up2Date packages (they will automatically download and prepare themselves for you to install), for manual application of Up2Dates or for UTM installations without Internet connections, you can retrieve them using the link below.

Up2date link:

Up2date MD5sum:

File size:

Up2Date Installation:

Sophos Up2Date technology makes it easy to upgrade your Sophos UTM to the latest version.
There are two ways to apply an already-downloaded Up2Date package to the system:

  1. Log on to WebAdmin, navigate to Management >> Up2Date >> Overview and use Update to latest version now to install the Firmware Up2Date. Click on the “Watch Up2Date Progress in new window” and an extra browser window will show the progress of the Up2Date installation. (The System administrator will receive a notification email once the Up2Date process has finished.)
  2. Download the Up2Date package from our HTTP or FTP Server and install it under Management >> Up2Date >> Advanced:

Sophos UTM Up2Date FTP Mirrors:


Introducing Prime Music

New message coming from Amazon Prime now provides streaming music for Prime Members for free. Looks kind of interesting if you enjoy listening to music on your devices. Check out their info:

Three years ago we launched Prime Instant Video, adding unlimited streaming of thousands of movies and TV shows to the existing Prime benefit of Free Two-Day Shipping. It has turned out to be one of the most important things we've done for Amazon Prime members.

Now we are doing it again for music — introducing Prime Music, the newest benefit of your membership. Prime members now get unlimited, ad-free access to over a million songs and hundreds of playlists for free.

  Explore Prime Music 

Prime Music is available now for Prime members in the US. Kindle Fire HD/HDX devices will get Prime Music in an automatic, over-the-air update. To access Prime Music on your iOS or Android device please get the latest version of the Amazon Music app.


Lenovo Yoga Demo


Lenovo Miix 2 Demo Video


Lenovo Helix Demo Video


BioLite Stove

imageHere is a neat camping accessory for those of you that are still camping, I’m not but this is really something that I could see being useful for the outdoor Geek that is in some of us. At cost of just $129.95 you can have a way to charge your phone while cooking your meal along the trail. This is a very small stove and it sure would be a Godsend for those of you walking the Appalachian Trail.

For being such a small package it sure appears as though it is extremely useful when considering the extra weight it would add to your backpack. It is 5 inches in diameter, 8.25 inches high and weighs 33 oz. Here are a few other Tech Specs that you might be interested in:




Android 4.4.3 update rolling out to Nexus, Motorola, and Play devices now

Google’s Android 4.4.3 is under way now (my Nexus 7 (2013) is downloading it as I am typing). This new update is supposed to bring security enhancements and bug fixes for the devices.

"This latest software update brings an improved dialer with a new interface and new colors to enhance consistency and usability, as well as several stability, framework, security fixes, and enhancements to the power profile capabilities," said Steve Horowitz, Motorola Mobile's SVP of software engineering.

Read more on this at: ZDNet


Gaming News: Intel is shipping a new Core i7 chip…

imageIDG News Service - Intel is shipping a new Core i7 chip for gamers that runs at 4.4GHz -- and can be overclocked to 5GHz.

The Core i7-4790K is a quad-core chip based on the Haswell microarchitecture. It draws 88 watts of power and has 8MB of cache, integrated graphics, memory controllers and support for the latest I/O technologies. It also supports multithreading and allow cores to process two tasks at one time.

The chip, now Intel's flagship PC processor, is mainly for gaming and enthusiast desktops.

It's Intel's first chip capable of running at over 4GHz under normal conditions. It can be overclocked to 5GHz in air-cooled systems, said Renee James, president of Intel, during a keynote speech at the Computex trade show in Taipei.

Intel's not the first chip company to reach 5GHz though: Advanced Micro Devices offers FX chips for gamers with clock speeds of up to 5GHz.

Chip makers moved away from cranking up chip clock speeds in favor of adding cores as a way to boost performance about a decade ago. Bumping up clock speeds generated more heat and consumed more electricity. Performance improvements over time have also come by shrinking chips and integrating more components such as graphics cores.

But AMD and Intel haven't given up on clock speed altogether: They continue the battle on their flagship chips with the aim of capturing the performance crown.


Home Automation

imageWith so many vendors wanting to grab you as a customer for home automation functions if you want to add these kinds of features to your home you’ll want someone to give you all of the options. PAConnect has always been a systems solution provider and we offer the perfect options for you to take advantage of automating your home in so many interesting ways.

In a couple of weeks we should have completed the initial setup of our new showroom experience that will give you an opportunity to see all of the different controls that you will want. Talk to our system integrators to help you decide what will be best for your situation and needs.

The combination of home security and and home control all under one application control is what we are all looking for. You want to have this information available on your phone, as well as control different functions remotely from the same app on your phone. You want as many options as possible, including receiving your alerts via text, push notification, email or a phone call. And you want a complete history of events so that you can go back and research a problem after you have become aware of it. You want a system that is simple to use but sophisticated enough to provide all of the features that you want. Then you want PAConnect! Make an appointment now with our home security and automation specialists  to design a personalized system just for you!

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